Why Mr Atif Mian (Qadyani) isn’t required here

On 7thSeptember 1974 – The Day Qadyanis were Declared Infidels


Like most of people I grew up to the fact that Constitution of Pakistan declares Qadyanis non Muslims and like most of the people I had 4 questions:

1. Who is a Qadyani and why are they called kafir if they claim to be Muslims and even recite Kalima?

2. How come a leftist and socialist / communist Bhutto did that? How come whole parliament was convinced to not only pass the bill but made it the part of constitution?

3. If we have considered them a minority then why are they looked down upon, unlike any other non-Muslim in our country, Christians, Hindus, Paris, etc.

4. Lastly, what are we supposed to do about it?

First question led me to pages of history:

Mirza GA Qadyani emerged as an Islamic scholar, preacher, debater in 1870s. 1880s was the period of his fame due to religious debates with Hindus and Christians. His shot to fame was offering Queen to accept Islam in one of his gatherings in Lahore. He was highly regarded after his challenge to blasphemer Abdulah Atham in 1893.

Mirza Qadyani was a remarkable debater and speaker. He used to regularly participate in religious gatherings and impress the crowd with his communication skills. During 1880s he started calling himself ‘Sahib ul Ilham’ (The one who receives revelations) which is mentioned in his first book ‘Braheen-e-Ahmedia’. It was a self proclaimed designation and was enough to pave way for his ultimate mission. Gradually he started calling himself ‘Mujad’id’ then ‘Muhadis’, then ‘Misl-e-Masih’ (like Hazrat Isa), then ‘Masih Ibne Maryam’ himself, then ‘Mehdi’ then ‘Imam-e-Akhri-uz-Zaman’ (Imam of last times) and then in 1901 he finally declared himself the Prophet.

After criticism from the religious community he came up with the logic of ‘Bazor Nabi’ or ‘Zilli Nabi’ (follower / deputy Prophet). Being shrewd and having amazing speaking skills he continued to participate in gatherings and debates, bringing new logic to support his claims and even denouncing what he had written in his previous books. He was even seen erasing excerpts of his own books during a debate and asking scholars ‘Hor kuch mere laiq’ (anything else for me?).

Mirza had many Fuqaha’ / Scholars and ‘Sufis’ as his rivals. Until he claimed to be Mehdi and Hazrat Isa, scholars didn’t come out against him aggressively. Mirza had debates with a few scholars. He had two strengths, his debating skills and backing of the British Government. He could use the media (at that time printing press) to his advantage As soon as any debate finished books and banners started coming out claiming his false success stories.

Many Muslims at the time were associated with Sufi Islam Scholars therefore eyed Pir Mahar Ali Shah as a ray of hope. Scholars from all sects went to meet him and asked for his help to counter the Fitna of Mirza Qadiani.

Pir Mahar Ali Shah wrote ‘Shams-ul-Hidaya’ to expose Mirza Qadyani. It explained the arrival of Hazrat Isa in the light of Quran and ahadees and categorically termed the claims of Mirza as wrong and baseless.

Mirza wasn’t able to answer what was written in Sham- ul- Hidaya . Instead he challenged Pir Sahab with a ‘Mubahalah’ in Lahore (A debate challenge. In Islamic tradition it refers to the ancient ceremony of mutually and formally calling God’s curse down upon whichever of the two parties was not speaking truthfully).

Qadyanis started a promotional campaign ‘Chalo Chalo Lahore Chalo’ to watch the debate between Mirza and Pir Mahar ali Shah at Badshahi Masjid Lahore.

On 25th of August 1900 Pir Sahab with leading scholars of the subcontinent reached Lahore. Thousands of people gathered at Badshahi Masjid including Qadyanis. They waited on the 25th and 26th but Mirza didn’t show up. On 27th of August a huge gathering was arranged at Badshahi Masjid and speeches were delivered against Fitna of Mirza Qadyani. Sixty scholars from every school of thought signed a petition / fatwa on ‘Khatm-e-Nubuwat’ stating Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last prophet and anyone who does not believe in it is a ‘Kafir’ / non muslim. Many Qadyanis present at the time repented and converted to Islam.

This made Mirza angry and a prophecy was issued by him (which was also published in the form of posters and spread all over ) that Pir Mahar Ali Shah will die in 1908. When Pir Mahar Ali Shah was told about Mirza’s prophecy he said Zindagi aur maut to Allah ke hath men hai mager yad rakhna Mirza apni hi gandagi men gir ker marey ga’ (he will die in his own filth).

Allah’s decision came in May 1908. Diarrhea was chosen for Mirza Qadyani. He was was in Lahore on 25th of May 1908 and after dinner he fell ill complaining of loose stools. On 26th May 1908 he died of diarrhea. At the time of his death his body was soiled in his own liquid stools

His body was taken to Qadyan for funeral and ultimately biggest fitna of the sub continent was presented before his creator. Pir Mahar Ali shah sahab lived for another 29 years proving the prophecy of Mirza completely wrong

After Mirza’s death his followers were divided into two groups, ‘Lahori Group’ and ‘Jamat-e-Ahmadia’.”

Above mentioned facts pretty much answered my second question but I was curious to know how Bhutto and his socialist government agreed upon this law?!

After Pakistan’s creation Ahmedis / Qadyanis left Qadyan and moved to Pakistan. They considered it an opportunity. They developed Chinab Nagar / Rabwa and made it their headquarter. They made it to key public positions including the post of Foreign Minister which was given to Sir Zafarullah Khan. Unfortunately the latter became notoriously involved in the Gordaspur conspiracy. Gordaspur is the only area with an access into Kashmir from India. Being close to Qadyan, it had a Qadyani majority. Zafarullah Khan unfortunately did not present it as a Muslim Majority area and subsequently said he did it as per the directions of the head of his Ahmadiya Jamat. Gordaspur went to India and so did Kashmir and rest is history. He didn’t even offer Namaz-e-Janaza of Quaid, stating his famous words, “You can consider me a Muslim minister of an infidel state or infidel minister of a Muslim’state”

On May 29 1974 Muslim students were badly beaten by Qadyanis in ‘Rabwa’ over a petty issue. The incident created a wave of concern among the masses. On June 30 1974, Molana Shah Ahmed Norani submitted a resolution in the National Assembly to declare Lahori group and Qadyanis Non Muslims.

Mirza Nasir Ahmad, then head of Qadyanis was called to the parliament to find out about his viewpoints The debate went on for 13 days, logically ending on exposing the beliefs of Qadyanis, terming them non Muslims and making it part of the constitution.

The question and answer session was a tough task. Mirza Nasir entered the assembly wearing white suit, turban, holding Quran, reciting Durood and verses of the Quran

A questionnaire was drafted and Mirza Nasir was asked the following questions

Q: What is your faith regarding Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani?

Mirza Nasir: He was an “Ummati (Follower) Prophet”. Ummati Prophet is the person within followers of Prophet Muhammad who reaches to the place of prophethood due to complete submission.

Q: Had revelations (Wahi) been sent down to him?

Mirza Nasir: Yes

Q: He has written that “Whooever doesn’t believe in me weather he has heard my name or not, is an infidel and out of the circle of Islam” Considering this, do you believe that 700 million Muslims are infidels

Mirza Nasir: Yes they are infidels but minor infidels. There is a reference about minor infidels in Bukhari too.

Q: But Mirza has written “Pakka Kafir” (firm infidel)?

Mirza Nasir: It means firmness in their infidelity.

Q: Going forward, he writes “Out of the circle of Islam, but a minor infidel doesn’t get out of the circle of Islam?

Mirza Nasir: He’s out from few things but not all.

Q: He has also written that “ They are bound to go to hell”
(here parliamentarians were shocked). Has anybody, before Mirza Qadyani, become “Ummati Nabi” (follower prophet).

Mirza Nasir: No.

Q: That means for you Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani is the last prophet.

Mirza Nasir: He was devotee to Prophet Mohammad and it was his abilities that he became “Ain Mohammad” (just like him). (AstaghfarUllah)

Q; Mirza Qadyani has written about his books that every Muslim can see them with an eye of love, accept them and get benefit from them, except the children of “Baghaya” (prostitutes) ((ذزیتہ البغایا ) whose hearts have been sealed by Allah

Mirza Nasir: “Baghaya” means disobedient.

Q: “Baghaya” is in Quran in Sura-e-Maryam.

Mirza Nasir: That’s “Bagh”

Q: That’s only a difference of plural and singular. The term has also appeared in Tarmizi. I bet you cannot use the word in any other meaning

(On this Mirza Nasir was speechless).

The debate continued for 13 days, 11 days with Rabwa group and 2 days with Lahori group. Every member was convinced that Qadyanis consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani a Prophet and do not believe in “Khatm-e-Nubuwat”.

A committee was formed on 22 August 1974 to draft the law and categorically make the infidelity of Qadyanis, part of constitution.

Finally on 7th September 1974, Pakistan settled this issue once for all!

This leads to my third and fourth questions that if we consider them a minority why do we look down upon them unlike any other minority in the country and what are we supposed to do about it?

Answer is that Qadyanis are not just a simple case of non Muslim community. They are “Zindeeq” (the one who projects his infidel faith as Islam). Our state has however declared them Non Muslims and given them all the rights as non Muslims except they cannot preach and call their worship places; Mosques.

To sum it up, it is all about faith and ones love for our Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). As a single heart cannot have love for both Yazeed and Imam Hussain, a Muslim cannot claim to love his Prophet SAW and have love for Qadyanis.

For world, faith has been and always will; be an illogical theory. Atif Mian is a small thing, you’ll be mocked for not accepting interest, homosexuality, alcohol and list goes on. Question is what price are you ready to pay for the so called success in this world?!

Just to remind ourselves Atif Mian has a conflict of interest with Pakistan, a person who does not accept the constitution of Pakistan, he is an advisor to Mirza Masroor, he is part of think thanks with anti Pakistan sentiments and policies, he has on record talked about rolling back our nuclear program and foregoing Kashmir.

Baat ye hai ke bhai hum gunahgar log hain, qabar aur jahanum samne nazar arahi hai, aik akhri sahara Allah ki rehmat aur Aap Sallalaho Alaihi Wa Alehi Wasallam ki shafaat ka hai. Ager wo bhi hath se Chala giya sirf is bunyad per ke hum khatm-e-nubuwat per hamla kerne walon ke sath kharrey the to barbad hojayenge.

May Allah forgive us all and help us find the righteous path leading to success in this world and hereafter! Ameen.

اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں